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Inforth Technologies specializes in developing comprehensive solutions for physician practices using NextGen® Healthcare Systems Ambulatory EHR. We leverage the power and flexibility of NextGen® to maximize practice efficiency, boost revenue opportunities, and enhance technology integration.  Our team of NextGen Certified Professionals (NCP’s) will work with you one-on-one to assess your user experience and incorporate comprehensive tools to help maximize your EHR.

From EHR template personalization to daily NextGen® support, we'll help you piece together the perfect EHR for your practice.

Proven NextGen® Solutions

Enterprise Therapy Suite
Streamlined workflow plus guided billing to dial in any therapy department. 
ASC Inventory Control
Create Preference Cards and effectively track case costs. 
Meaningful Use Utility
Meet MU even if you have customized NextGen.
Orthopaedic Suite
Faster documentation, improved billing, designed by Orthopaedic surgeons.

Medication Lot Tracking
Track medication inventory
in real-time!

Quick Op Note 
Document procedures in an easy-to-read, efficient and reportable manner.

NextGen® 5.8 & KBM 8.3 Upgrades

NextGen 5.8, 8.3 Upgrade Partner

We can quickly and efficiently help you upgrade.

Let Inforth Technologies guide you through the steps to a successful upgrade.

A Word From
Our Customers

"... After years of completing notes by hand writing, dictation/transcription, and through voice recognition, this is the first system where I feel efficient and thorough in my documentation.  The EHR system allows me to use templates that enhance the speed of my documentation.  ... My work-life balance has improved as a result of the system.  I highly recommend use of the NextGen EHR system with customized PT templates!"

Sarah C.