Orthopedic Suite

Designed to handle high patient volumes while still allowing personal, targeted documentation.
From check-in through surgery and post-op the workflow has been dramatically improved for Orthopaedic specialists.  With proven time saving tools and enhanced exams the Inforth Orthopaedic Suite is a crucial addition to your practice.

 NextGen Orthopaedic Suite Demo Request

  • Designed by Orthopaedic surgeons
  • Complete documentation by the end of the day
  • Efficiently create clinical documentation that not only supports proper billing, but also clearly documents what was discussed and performed during the visit
  • Speed through routine visits with personalized quick tools  
  • Quickly document globals so you can focus on billable visits

NextGen Healthcare Orthopedic Suite

Improved workflow for:


  • Pre-registration
  • HPI
  • Exams
  • Medical Decision Making/Plan
  • ICD-10 Support
  • Surgery Scheduling
  • Injection inventory management and tracking