Med Inventory Control

Medication Inventory Control Solution (MEDics)

The Med Inventory Control Solution (MEDics) simplifies the complexity of tracking outpatient medications throughout your practice.   Minimize errors, capture missed billing opportunities, reduce staff time manually logging inventory, increase compliance and easily manage recalls by actively tracking medication inventory.
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Seamlessly manage your medications:


  • Real-time medication inventory management
  • Scan or manually check-in inventory
  • Track inventory across multiple locations including sub-locations such as refrigerators and storage lockers
  • Record batch/lot numbers in patient charts
  • Alert for expired inventory
  • Bill procedure and medication codes automatically
  • Report inventory counts, reasons for waste, loss, percentage expiring on the shelves and other important metrics

NextGen Healthcare Medication Inventory Control Solution
  • Ophthalmology Specific Workflow - Designed to track Lucentis, Avastin, Eylea and other retina medications to ensure every dose is accounted for
  • Orthopaedic Specific Workflow - Record and bill multiple medications in a single injection
  • Better Immunization Management - Accurate, quick and reportable tracking of all immunizations
 Looking to track items used during procedures?  Try our ASC solution designed to track items, instead of medications.