Enterprise Therapy Suite

The powerful Enterprise Therapy Suite for NextGen Healthcare Ambulatory EHR helps Therapists document visits, increase billing efficiency and accuracy, and ensures maximum reimbursement for services provided.  The Enterprise Therapy Suite includes enhanced documentation detail by utilizing comprehensive and organized templates.  Designed specifically for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy clients.  


NextGen Enterprise Therapy Suite


“(The Enterprise Therapy Suite) allows me to use templates to enhance the speed of my documentation.  Initially I thought this may reduce the individualization of each note.  However, I found it to enhance the detail I can provide to referral sources and insurance companies.  The system still allows me to convey important details on each individual patient.”  - S. Clough


NextGen Healthcare Enterprise Therapy Suite for physical therapy and occupational therapy specialists

Why add the Enterprise Therapy Suite to NextGen?

  • Minimize clicks with single template workflow
  • No more under-billing
  • Script and Plan of Care tracking
  • Pre-certification tracking and alerts
  • Regulatory compliance including G-codes and KX modifiers
  • Designed by Therapists for Therapists!


Document Faster, Capture Missed Billing Opportunities!