ASC Inventory Control

Ambulatory Surgery Center Inventory Control Solution (ASCics)


Dynamic preference cards automatically capture costs at the point of use. Build Preference Cards and track Case-Costs with this dynamic ASC Inventory Control Solution.
Track how much preference cards cost, learn which procedures are profitable and monitor costs between suppliers. 
Through the use of a comprehensive inventory item list, preference cards can be created specific to procedures and/or physician.  Easily manage individual items as they are used. All preference cards are user manageable and configurable.

 NextGen ASC Inventory Control Solution Demo Request

  • Automatically load inventory based on selected procedure
  • Items are quickly added or removed as needed
  • Track preference card cost
  • Learn which procedures are profitable 
  • Monitor costs between suppliers
  • Search, add and remove individual items  
  • See specific items listed


Never has it been so easy and efficient to work with preference cards in NextGen.


NextGen Healthcare Ambulatory Surgery Center Inventory Control Solution

Why use an ASC inventory solution?

  • Easily manage inventory
  • User configurable preference cards make the system easy to keep up-to-date
  • Single template workflow to document usage
  • Individual items of Preference Card are displayed
  • Total Cost & Total Chargeable amounts are calculated as items are added
  • Inventory is decremented (real-time) at end of each surgical case
  • Total cost (and/or charges) calculated during build of Preference Card


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