KBM Upgrades

NextGen® Certified KBM Upgrades

Concerned about NextGen® KBM upgrades?

Let us guide you through the steps to a successful NextGen® KBM upgrade.  Unlike a typical Windows® upgrade, upgrading NextGen requires extensive testing, configuration, and training.  As a Certified Upgrade Partner for NextGen®, you will be getting a dedicated team of NextGen Certified Professionals to upgrade your practice.  We know what it takes to successfully upgrade practices of all sizes.  More importantly, if you have custom templates, you will need extra support to use your custom templates after an upgrade. We excel at ensuring custom templates work in NextGen® after KBM upgrades.


NextGen Certified KBM Upgrade Partner


We are a cost-efficient option for you to explore when upgrading NextGen®.


We will perform a thorough gap analysis, pre and post implementation testing, and fixes.  We manage the KBM upgrade for you so you can focus on your patients.


NextGen® Certified KBM Upgrades

All software inevitably requires a system upgrade to support new and enhanced functionality. These upgrades are complex and cumbersome if not handled carefully. We help customers manage KBM upgrades while minimizing interruptions to your practice. We work closely with NextGen® to clearly understand their new requirements and effectively plan and coordinate each upgrade with you in a timely manner that best meets your practice’s needs.
Whether you are using the basic NextGen® EHR software and standard KBM or you have one of our full-featured custom template packages, we help make sure your upgrades go smoothly and quickly.  We have performed numerous upgrades to solo practices and enterprises alike. Let us handle the upgrade for you so you can breathe easy.