Why pursue a career with Inforth Technologies?


Instead of making candidates answer this question, we will put ourselves on the "hot seat" and help you understand why you want to work for us.

When looking at a career there are generally three things that you look for:

A growing industry - the IT services industry in the US is projected to grow at more than 10% each year for the foreseeable future, as IT services enable greater efficiency throughout the healthcare industry.

Look for a stable company - Inforth Technologies is a stable company backed by its physician owners.  Our owners understand how important IT services are in helping the healthcare industry become more efficient and they are dedicated to supporting our needs as we grow our business.

Opportunities to expand your skills - all employees at Inforth Technologies are given numerous opportunities to expand their knowledge and participate in training with regard to our broad suite of IT services.  We believe that the more experienced our employees are, the better they can serve our client's needs.

If you are interested in joining our Team, send your resume to